New Year’s Day: Liquid Farm Four

Start off the new year right! After all, the good wine is for drinking, isn’t it?FullSizeRender

So today it’s a 2012 Liquid Farm “Four.” We’ll get to their other amazing SRH wines—Golden Slope and White Hill— later, perhaps even stepping outside the sub-AVA to taste their “La Hermana,” and “Bien Bien.”

But for this special day, it’s their “Four.” (It’s a bit pricier than most wines we’ll be reviewing here, but, again: it’s time to launch 2015 properly.)

And the beauty of the wine begins with the joy that Nikki and Jeff Nelson spread everywhere. They mix amazing wine with deep, authentic community. And that’s what we call a celebration. Add to that the winemaking skills of James Sparks, and it’s hard to go wrong.

“Four” is the lucky number for Liquid Farm. That’s certainly true with this bottle made from their four best barrels of chardonnay. With a dominance of grapes from Clos Pepe, the wine exemplifies everything that drew us to Sta. Rita Hills chard in the first place: crisp fruit (pear, especially), acidity, minerality, and depth.

Nikki and Jeff
Nikki and Jeff

But as I said in the opening post, I’m not an expert wine taster. I just know that when we drink this wine, we keep shaking our heads and smiling.


For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet
For auld lang syne

Where James performs his magic
Where James performs his magic

Happy New Year!

Michael Scott had the perfect words for New Year’s Day:  “Everyone deserves a second second chance.”

No matter what failures, losses, griefs, or mistakes you may have made, there is always a chance to reboot and start all over. A second chance. Or for most of us, a second second chance.

May this year be filled with joy, with meaningful friendships, with new learning, with old wisdom, and with wonderful wine from the Sta. Rita Hills!


Welcome to Drinking SRH

I’m no expert. But I love wine. And I especially love the wines of Sta. Rita Hills.

This blog won’t be the place to go for the best insight into winemaking or wine tasting. It’ll just be a report on what I like.

I’ve explored almost every square inch in this AVA that you’re permitted to go: by jogging, cycling, riding, walking. I’ve photographed nearly every vineyard I can see.

Still, I’m not anything like an expert. I just love this region from Buellton to Lompoc and from the La Purisma Hills to the Santa Rosa Hills—and the pinots and chardonnays it produces.

In this blog, I’ll be drinking through these wines. An average guy’s thoughts about the wine and the terroir.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.32.21 AM

Now . . . for a perfect New Year’s Eve . . . grab a Moet champagne bucket and then fill it with some amazing Santa Rita Hills chardonnay: